Companies have a responsibility to society as a whole.

Why? Because the individual consumer can, to a certain extent, do without if they don't like the products on offer, but they have to rely on what is available when they need something.

WirbelWild takes its responsibility towards nature and all people very seriously. We are constantly trying to make our business more sustainable: we question our habits and find new solutions little by little. We are still learning something new ourselves every day.

It is clear to us that sustainability is an overarching goal in our company. To this end, we strive for responsible corporate management that is oriented towards the economy for the common good.

In general, we have decided to transform our company step by step. It is important to us that every decision we make carefully consider whether it is compatible with our values ​​and how we can make our world more sustainable.

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For us as a company whose business model is also based on computers and digitalization, electrical energy is an important commodity. From the moment we first arrive in our own office, we obtain this energy from 100% renewable energy sources from Green Planet Energy.

Our office has underfloor heating that runs on gas.

According to Carbon Calculators, our website is “cleaner” than 94% of tested sites. Websites worldwide are compared based on their energy consumption and therefore their CO₂ emissions.

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Drinks and food

Local weekly market, unpackaged or would you prefer the delivered organic box? Making decisions when it comes to food is not always easy.

Fruit and vegetables come from the local weekly market; the fruit in it is regionally produced and purchased seasonally. Some are organic, others are not. Everything has one thing in common: it was carried to the office in a jute bag and not every apple was individually wrapped in plastic.

In this way we support our local producers, have short distances and get fresh, ripe fruit in a greater variety than from the supermarket.

At first we had sparkling water delivered to us in reusable bottles. We have now changed: we drink tap water and Cannstatter mineral water. As part of this change, we invested in a soda maker.

We don’t use cow’s milk in our coffee. Almond milk from European almonds or oat milk with oats from Germany are used as replacements. Our coffee comes from a roastery in Stuttgart.

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Print production and further processing

One of our business areas is the design and production of high-quality printed matter. In this context, we are experiencing a change in the printing industry in which the gap between sustainable printing companies and printing companies for which a certain desired effect in printing is more important than the impact on the environment is becoming ever larger: Cradle-to-Cradle certified printing companies , which think in cycles and use environmentally friendly papers and inks, are opposed to printing companies that use LE-UV technology, for example, to produce print products and waste that must be disposed of as hazardous waste.

When it comes to further processing — especially in connection with glue — sustainable alternatives are rare. Common glues are all made with bones. The goal is further processing with animal-free alternatives.

We advise our customers on paper selection, glue-free processing options and short transport routes.

We always recommend sustainable production and inform our customers about the effects of their decisions. If we are jointly responsible for a printing offer, we always obtain at least one offer from an environmentally friendly printing company and present it to our customers as an option.

When it comes to using paper, we try to convince our customers to use recycled paper or paper from sustainable forestry. We also make sure that it is produced as close as possible and using resource-saving energy sources.

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Web design / programming

If the Internet were a country, it would have as many CO₂ emissions as the whole of Germany — and the trend is rising. The aim of our web design is to use as little energy and emissions as possible. To ensure the sustainability of our websites, we regularly educate ourselves and constantly improve ourselves. Because for us one thing is certain: Sustainable web design is crucial for reducing our CO₂ consumption.

We also design websites with dark mode wherever possible, because websites with a dark background use less power. It has long been said that if Google had a dark background, it could shut down an entire nuclear power plant. (Luckily they introduced the “Dark Theme” in 2021!)

All of our websites are powered by 100% green electricity.

To reduce data transfer, we rely on long caching, strong compression and code reduction. We largely avoid video content.

In order to achieve these goals, we have developed our own website framework: Kiwa.

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As a company based in a big city, it is easy for us to attend appointments using public transport rather than by car. We subsidize our employees' use of public transport. Where appointments cannot be carried out any other way, we use Stadtmobil's car sharing offer.

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Economy for the common good

WirbelWild strives for an economy based on the common good economy. It describes a reform of the economic system towards an economy that does not focus on increasing profits, but on the common good. Companies can earn a high “common good balance sheet” through behavior that is as ecological, social and humane as possible and are thus given preference in the system. To implement this reform, the common good economy was founded from many associations and individual organizations. Since we are a comparably small company and therefore do not meet all the criteria for membership, it is unfortunately not yet possible for us to be part of this movement. Nevertheless, we try to run our company as sustainably and socially just as possible on the basis of the common good economy.