We are WirbelWild.

WirbelWild is us, Deborah Köngeter and Tobias Köngeter, and we both love well-thought-out printed matter and good design. We are both creative minds and have little desire to press the same buttons over and over again. We would rather fill our time meaningfully. We are supported by a team of five. As a company, we want to contribute to the answers to the questions of our time and prefer to develop them through dialogue.

A competition called “Book of the Future” was part of the founding story of WirbelWild. A few years ago we dared an experiment and developed a book for this competition that invited the recipients to rediscover their city. The content was compiled individually — with content obtained from internal databases and via public interfaces from Google, Flickr and Twitter. The content and design depended on the recipient's first name, two addresses that defined a regularly used route — for example home and work place — and the chosen method of moving through the city. The application for our book was the birth of our software system ManyPrint Solutions.

This experiment turned ten years old in 2024. In 2019, our company WirbelWild was awarded twice for the constantly developed software ManyPrint Solutions: as one of the most innovative companies at the Druck&Medien Awards, as well as for “Creative Solutions for the Book Market” by the MFG Baden-Württemberg. We have gained insights and opportunities at the bvdm's Innovation Meeting Point in Berlin, at the Online Print Symposium in Munich, at the WAN-IFRA World Printers Forum and as a software and network partner at Konica Minolta's Innovation Days and at Obility Insight, among others and most recently presented in a joint project with ABT Mediengruppe, Metapaper and Canon.

After almost 600 years of creating layouts using the same principles and only the tools that have changed, we communicate and publish in a revolutionary way. With our software system, we have created a completely new type of layout and thus a new generation of printed matter. Gutenberg would be proud of us.

Came to stay.

Our capital is our diverse and interdisciplinary team and our willingness to innovate. Our work and our ideas sustain the company. We believe in slow growth — responsible and order-related growth has a positive effect on our seven-person team and makes us reliable. Our hierarchies are flat and appreciative; eye level is our greatest asset. We do not develop products for the sake of selling, but rather in dialogue with our users and based on their needs. This is in our blood because our own developers and designers have always worked in close collaboration.

We consider this to be the most sustainable type of corporate culture and time seems to have proven us right: Over the past ten years we have seen companies come and go — even those with a lot of money and resources in the background. Some people thought that these companies were “too big to fail” or that they would be unavoidable in the future, and yet they disappeared. We are here – and we will stay.


WirbelWild is one of the most innovative companies in the printing and media industry. With our award-winning software, we are revolutionizing the way information is communicated and published.

The perfect combination of digital and analog is one of our core competencies.

A give and take

Our world only works if we humans not only claim things for ourselves, but are also willing to give them up. And we also see this as entrepreneurial responsibility. At WirbelWild we act according to the principles of the common good economy, incorporate cradle-to-cradle into our work wherever possible and support the open source community.


By the way: Open source developers can come to our office at any time for a cup of coffee.

In demand internationally

We implement projects all over the world and use our software internationally. We are proud to work with our customers from Europe, North America, Australia and Asia, with all companies small and large.

Contact person

Deborah Köngeter

Deborah Koengeter

Owner / Project management and project development


Tobias Köngeter

Tobias Köngeter

Owner / Design and Programming